Obinrin Listing Guidelines

Obinrin Listing Guidelines

Advertisers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the adverts they place are suitable for listing on Obinrin, ie. that they are legal and decent.

These pages give you some guidelines as to which adverts may not be placed on Obinrin, but does not represent a complete list. If you are unsure of whether your product can be listed, please Contact Us.

We reserve the right to edit, remove or reclassify any advert at our discretion.

Business Advertising

If you are advertising in the course of business, you must upgrade to Obinrin Business Membership.

For more information, contact us.


Adverts using graphic or obscene or racist or gender biased language are not be allowed.

Copyright Infringement

Ø  Copies or backups of software and games may not be advertised. Games machines that have been chipped or otherwise modified to allow copied games to be played may not be advertised.

Ø  Items that exist only in electronic format (software without original media, eBooks etc.) may not be sold without written permission from the copyright holder.

Tobacco Products and Alcohol

We do not accept adverts for cigarettes, tobacco related products or alcohol.


Ø  All adverts for animals must be accompanied by a recent photo of the animal offered.

Ø  We do not allow cats to be sold within 9 weeks of being born. We do not allow dogs or any other mammals to be sold within 8 weeks of being born. Other animals (non mammals) may only be sold once they are capable of feeding themselves. We do not accept adverts for animals that are yet to be born. We do not accept adverts for animals which are pregnant.

Ø  Advertisers classed as carrying on a business of breeding dogs for sale within the terms of the proper authorities must be appropriately licensed and require Obinrin Business membership.

Ø  Members advertising 3 or more litters of kittens or puppies will be considered a commercial breeder, and therefore require Obinrin Business membership in order to advertise kittens or puppies.

Ø  We have the right to ask members to upgrade to Obinrin Business membership if we believe they are selling pets in the course of business.

Ø  We do not allow animals to be bought with the intention of them being resold.

Ø  We do not allow animals less than 12 months old to be advertised for stud.

Ø  We do not accept advertisements for any animal controlled under NIGERIA legislation. We also reserve the right to decline advertisements where we have reason to suspect that a dog is a prohibited type or has the potential to be dangerous, either based on the appearance of the animal or wording of the advert.

Ø  We do not accept adverts for dogs trained as guard dogs or trained to be aggressive.

Ø  Animals listed within endangered species list of the authorities must be sold with a valid appropriate certificate and should be stated in the advert.

Ø  We do not accept advertisements for birds of prey that have not been appropriately registered or licensed. Please contact us to provide appropriate proof.

Ø  We do not accept advertisements for meerkats or monkeys of any breed.

Ø  We do not accept advertisements for animals controlled and considered dangerous according to the authorities.

Ø  We do not accept advertisements of wild caught animals.

Ø  We do not allow the advertisement of dogs that have clipped or cropped ears or any other anomaly.

Ø  We do not accept adverts for dogs advertised as suitable for illegal activities such as dog fighting and hare coursing.

Ø  Live vertebrates are not to be delivered through the postal system or by courier service, national or international.

Ø  We do not allow animals to be advertised as "gifts", especially in reference to special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

Ø  We do not allow animals to be advertised as "urgent" or "must-go" as this creates urgency that may result in an animal going to an unsuitable home.

Ø  We do not allow live animals to be advertised as pet food.

Ø  We do not allow the sale of horses, ponies or donkeys without a proper documentation as approved by the authorities.

Ø  We do not accept advertisements for animals to be swapped.

Ø  It is illegal for an animal to be purchased by someone under 16 years of age. However, we do not allow children under the age of 18 to advertise in our pets or livestock categories as we feel this is more responsible. Sellers should make all practical enquiries to ensure that purchasers on Obinrin are over the age of 18.


Ø  Every purchaser must comply with the duty of care obligations as approved by the appropriate authorities.


Ø  We reserve the right to prevent advertisers placing animal adverts based on their account activity

Ø  Advertisers classed as carrying on a business of running a pet shop within the terms set out by the government must be appropriately licenced and require Obinrin Business membership

Ø  We do not accept advertisements for puppies for sale under a pet shop licence alone. Only those with a valid appropriate licence can advertise multiple litters of puppies on Obinrin.

Ø  Obinrin reserves the right to refuse, suspend or ban any member who they believe is acting in an irresponsible way.

Animal and Wildlife Products

These guidelines do not apply to living animals.

Some animal and wildlife products (including taxidermy) are permitted for trade on Obinrin, but there are others which are not based on their animal origin.

Obinrin allows adverts for the following:

Ø  Animal parts, pelts or skin from non-endangered species may be listed on Obinrin (apart from cats and dogs), if not in breach of local laws.

Ø  All Trades must comply with the law and all party involved must do their due diligence to ensure it so.

Ø  Faux productions of animal products can be sold. Items must be clearly listed as faux in the title and description.

Ivory and Bone Products

Due to depletions in global populations of vulnerable ivory producing species, Obinrin does not allow adverts for any products made from ivory and bone.

Although there are exceptions, most ivory and bone products have various international trade restrictions. Due to demands of the ivory market, many species from which the ivory is harvested are endangered or protected. Visit IFAW or WWF for more information about global ivory trade.

Obinrin allow adverts for the following:

Ø  Pre-1947 pianos and furniture with ivory elements. Must be advertised with proof of age from an antiques expert

Ø  Man-made ivory including vegetable ivory and French ivory. The material of the item must be clearly stated in the advert

Ø  Bone from non-ivory producing animals (e.g. bison, buffalo, and oxen). The animal origin must be stated clearly on the advert

Ø  Fossilised bone. The species and origin must be listed clearly on the advert

Obinrin does not allow adverts for the following:

Ø  Any items made from real ivory and bones from ivory producing species. This includes:

-          Elephants

-          Walruses

-          Sperm and Killer whales

-          Narwhals

-          Hippopotamus

-          Wart hog


-          We do not accept adverts for any guns or other firearms.

-          We also do not accept adverts for deactivated firearms, replica firearms, or any firearm accessories.

-          Advertisements for crossbows are not accepted.

-          Adverts for knives other than kitchen-related are not accepted.


·         We only accept advertisements for lingerie and underwear that is new and unworn.

Business Opportunities

Ø  MLM schemes that generate income solely through recruiting new members may not be advertised. (for e.g MMM)

Ø  Adverts for business opportunities must state clearly the product or service to be sold, whether any up front payment is required and whether the work involves the recruitment of further people to the opportunity.

Requests for Money

We cannot accept adverts requesting money unless placed by a registered charity. If you are a registered charity, please contact us, quoting your registration number.

Vehicle Accessories

Ø  Devices designed to detect radar may not be advertised.

Ø  Devices or software designed to decode radio security devices may not be advertised.

Massage & Therapy

Those people offering massage, therapy or counselling services must have a valid insurance policy covering public liability and professional indemnity.

Adult Services

Ø  Adverts for sexual services are not accepted.

Ø  Adverts for escort services are not accepted.


Ø  You should personally own the item or provide the service you are selling (except agents selling or renting property or brokers selling vehicles).

Ø  If the item is new, you should have it in stock. We do not accept adverts for items that are to be 'drop shipped'.

Ø  We do not accept adverts for items or services where the advertiser earns a commission through a third party affiliate program.

Financial Services

Businesses advertising consumer loans, credit cards or other services covered under the Consumer Credit Act should be licensed with the proper authorities and comply with the regulations laid down in the appropriate Act.

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