About Us

Our Story

Imagine this; a single mum and a serial entrepreneur by DNA, watches TV with her 4 year old son. As she gazes at him drool over a shiny blue bicycle on the TV screen like it is some GIANT cotton candy, she knows she has to buy a bicycle for her ‘little man’. She takes one look at her closet full of items used and never-to-be-used-ever (not to mention old baby clothes), realises there was no specific online platform for buying and selling second hand items exclusively for women with like-minds (i.e. ‘chic’*wink*) as herself...and Obinrin.com.ng is born!

Many of the items lying idle in our houses can be turned into cash which can be used for regular expenses and...more shopping!

We want to change the way women view buying and selling of second hand ("pre-loved") items in Nigeria by making it classy.

Obinrin aims to bridge the gap between women who desire to sell or buy 'pre-loved' items such as bags, shoes, clothes, phones, cars, furniture, kitchen wares, beds, and other things they love...

Also, we’ve made it pretty easy and best of all…FREE to list!

We had lift-off on the 8th of March 2017 coinciding with international women’s day, in celebrating women’s achievement all over the world. And we’re just getting this “rocket” started!

We take the environment very seriously  


Our Vision

A world where we are seen as the Women’s movement for Discovery and Empowerment.

A support system where women will always feel welcomed, supporting one another in the discovery of hidden treasures in our own homes…Discovery leading to Empowerment.


Our Mission

Here in Nigeria, we’re on a mission to bring women together under a united platform to share their love for things. Changing women’s perception of buying and selling second-hand items. Making it classy to buy and sell pre-loved items!


Our Values


Love yourself, love people and your environment. The love you give out is the love you get back.


Be true to yourself and everyone around you and be known for that. It always comes back to you.

Team Spirit

Support fellow women because we are ‘one family’ and if one woman makes it, we all do.


Perfection is seldom attainable but aim for excellence in everything you do. It pays in the end.

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